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Sporkage of the Future

Sporkage of the future!
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Right, so there's sporking, the shameless snarkifying of movies/books already existing. Here, we spork Harry Potter movies and books to come. As in, "THIS should really happen, but since they're cheap and/or can't act, this is what will happen instead!" etceterahhh.

We're basically a team of two very bored fangirls who have nothing better to do with their time than do a pre spork of the Order of the Phoenix movie.

Hey look what we do!
This community will also include liberal amounts of bitching/analysis about the GoF movie, and the books and fandom at large. We'll start by going chapter by chapter in Ootp and looking at what should be in the movies, what won't be in the movies, and what will be in the movies against anyone's better judgement. We'll also ruminate over casting choices and random film stuff, as well as insert little hints about our private HP love. Feel free to join, as long as you have a healthy love for HP, the fandom, and sarcasm. Lots and lots of sarcasm.