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Chapter 2: A Peck of Owls
by prozac_fidelus (prozac_fidelus)
at July 31st, 2006 (08:56 pm)

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This chapter continues on with the consequences of the Dementor attack. We can only hope that Mr Yates, our esteemed 4th director, will do something interesting and not bumbling with all of the exposition that Mrs Figg is supposed to be...eerm....exposing. I personally also hope that the scene in the kitchen that is made so expertly tense by JRK in the books will be awesome-ified in the movie as well. Also, Petunia's little breakdown needs to be FUCKING AWESOMEXCORE, as well as that little line where she's just like "They guard the wizard prison, Azkaban" and Vernon is just like...WTFBITCH! I'ma bust a cap in yo' ass!

Sorry. We forgot that Samuel L Jackson hasn't been confirmed yet.

On the cynicism end of things, chances are that the movie adaptation of this part of the book is going to be stumbling, boring, badly paced, and probably very, very gap-filled. Also, there's the fact that Daniel Radcliffe has to act all nonchalant about the Howler and all that, while still being totally torn up inside due to the whole DEMENTORTRYINGTOSUCKSOULLLLLLLLLLLLL and expulsion letter. Mind you, we extremely enjoyed how they did the Howler in movie!CoS, what with making it look like a mouth and all. I hope that continues. But back to Radcliffe. Our opinions of Radcliffe are not very high.

Actually? Our opinions of any of the teen-aged cast are not very high. It's extremely amusing that the only one who could act (Christian Coulson who played Tom Riddle) is gone and won't come back til HBP. We intensely dislike Daniel Radcliffe, in fact. He pants excessively, doesn't know how to laugh, clings to dead bodies like they're Ginny Weasley post-Ootp and makes a lot of half-gestures that make him look mentally retarded. It's kinda a shame. Oh, and he also has a BLOODY SQUINT. It's *so* fucking distracting. It's gotten a little better in the past 2 movies, but seriously, boy, take some acting lessons!

Both of us really prefer the adult cast, come to think of it, and I for one think that the Dursleys are exceptionally underused. There's a lot of great material for them to do in this chapter, especially Petunia, but chances are it'll be "cut for time", or there'll be some other way of exposing all the information that both Mrs Figg and Petunia provide Harry with. Chances are that it'll involve Hermione, back in all her line-stealing glory. Her eyebrows will probably partake in the discussions as well.


Posted by: oceanmotion (oceanmotion)
Posted at: May 14th, 2007 07:20 pm (UTC)

Chances are that it'll involve Hermione, back in all her line-stealing glory. Her eyebrows will probably partake in the discussions as well.

I've just found your lj and I think I love you.
And finally someone else who is not so blinded by their loyalty to Harry that they can't comprehend the abysmal acting skills of Daniel Radcliffe. And NO, not ever, has he been, is he, will he be hot.

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