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very much alive [userpic]
Meet Your Mods!
by very much alive (iamsupernova)
at July 31st, 2006 (08:05 pm)

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Greetings, HP fandom! We're a community dedicated to pre-sporking the Order of the Phoenix movie, among other HP related things. There's more information about all this in our userinfo! Click it! You know you want to! So, to start off, a little bit of information about your friendly neighborhood mods.

Emilie is a fifteen year old, vaguely disillusioned and extremely sarcastic HP fan. Favourite ships include Bella/Snape, Rita/anything that moves, and of course, Ron/Hermione, although she hates current!era fics. Unless they're decidedly awesome. Or Death Eater centric. Her favourite Harry Potter book is Order of the Phoenix and if they mess up the movie, she'll probably be very sad and likely write lots of angsty fic to make up for it. Slash kill babies. Either one.

One Arielle, fifteen years old, wanted by the Ministry of Magic for: attacking numerous wizards, witches and muggles armed with cutting sarcasm; kidnap and ransom of Emma Watson's eyebrows, drawing characters in fanart that can only be described as "undignified", and shameless sporking. Charges continue to build.