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very much alive [userpic]
Monthly sporkage!
by very much alive (iamsupernova)
at August 1st, 2006 (04:51 pm)

current location: Mental Hosp- I mean, uh. Home.
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Monthly Sporking Challenge!

Basically, every month we'll have a theme; an actor, a character, a movie, a chapter, a scene, you get the picture. Let's say January's theme is Daniel Radcliffe. You guys can spork the hell out of him in a moderated entry, and at the end of the month we'll close submissions and pick the winner. There'll be one first prize and one runner-up. First prize winner gets to request either graphics (icon, banner, or WP) or art (drawing or comic) from me, or a drabble/ficlet from prozac_fidelus.

August's theme is!
Ships that the GoF movie OBBBBviously hints at.

;; please try not to write a novel
;; for the love of god, make it funny
;; must contain liberal amounts of snark

Off with you, go on, spork away!